a question to the skate board side of tumblr


how do you guys get the boards to stick to your feet when you jump?

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ive been laughing at this for 5 minutes good night

September 22 2014


the sunset was so beautiful tonight 

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September 21 2014

can someone link me to that app that lets you text stores and restaurants instead of calling them?? i cant find it. thanks!!!

my cousins pregnant!!!!! shes been trying for years im so happy!!!! 😃😃😃

August 26 2014


im sitting in an empty church listening to grimes and lateroking at the stained glass.
im at school
this isnt against the rules
hell yeah

i have not eaten and im exhausted. i need to be in this auditorium for a while longer and im afraid im goimg to faint
i know i wont but like
i could ptobably eat but like. im afraid people might be allergic. but this school is vvv cool. loving it.

August 18 2014